Gastrointestinal Issues - When to Visit a Gastroenterologist?

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Many gastro disorders can drastically impact your health. Several of these issues have common symptoms that may or may not be a sign of a bigger problem. How can you say that you are suffering from a temporary digestive issue or gastrointestinal discomfort? Let’s take a few common symptoms that can help you decide whether to visit a gastroenterologist in Ahmedabad or no. It will help you indicate a digestive disorder and how severe it is.

Nausea is when your stomach is upset and triggers the urge to vomit. Heaviness or burning is a sense of indigestion that tends to persist in the stomach. A feeling to throw-up is an involuntary action to throw the contents of your stomach through your mouth. Continuous sign of nausea signifies an issue in the gastrointestinal tract like IBS, diverticulitis, appendix, pancreatitis, and much more.

Excessive bloating and burn
GI disorders can include excessive gas and bloating. Bowel disorders, celiac disease, and food intolerance can often cause gastric issues. Visit the best gastroenterologist in Ahmedabad to set your stomach free from unwanted gases.

Abdominal pain
The most common symptom of all is abdominal pain. Not sure if this pain is a sign of IBS or an ulcer, you need to see a gastroenterologist for a proper treatment plan.

Acid Reflux
Acid Reflux is nothing but heartburn that occurs after a spicy meal or periodic basis. If you experience this twice a week, it can be a sign of gastroesophageal reflux disease. Without proper treatment, your stomach can damage the esophagus and lead to other significant complications.

If you are suffering from constipation over a couple of days, it can lead to larger issues. This symptom can be defined if you suffer from severe constipation. Visit the best gastro surgeon in Ahmedabad to rule out the possibility of leading to a chronic condition.

If you experience loose motions, typically that persists for more than two days, it can sign a digestive disorder. Severe diarrhea can happen due to IBD and lactose intolerance.

Now that we have explained the possible symptoms of why you should visit a gastroenterologist, ensure that you take an appointment without any delay if you find any of the above symptoms. Contact us if you are looking for a laparoscopic surgeon in Ahmedabad.

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