Liver Cancer – Its Functioning and Risk Factors

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This blog is to understand everything about liver cancer, learn about the disease and help yourself cope with it. Cancer means the cells in the body grown without any control. These cancer cells can grow anywhere in the body, so cancer can develop in any tissue or organ. A process called metastasis can spread cancer in other tissues or organs too. This means if a patient is suffering from liver cancer, the cancer cells can spread to other parts of the body too during liver metastasis. Consult the best cancer surgeon in Ahmedabad to know about cancer in detail.

Liver cancer claims are huge every year, and it has been increasing every day. Carcinoma is a type of cancer that starts in the tissue lining forming liver cancer. It can also affect the bile duct that carries the bile into the stomach. Liver cancer specialist in Ahmedabad can help you with a detailed description of what is your condition and how much it has spread in the body, as liver cancer can be metastatic or primary. Metastatic as we know, it is a tumor that develops in other areas of the body, whereas, primary liver cancer starts in the liver, and can spread to the tissues of the body. Liver tumors can also be non-cancerous that does not spread in the body.

Cancer specialist in Ahmedabad will describe to you the cancer stages starting with the first stage that is confined only to the liver, and the last stage where it might have been spread to lymph nodes and tissues which are even far from the liver. The liver is the largest organ of the internal body which weighs about 3.5 pounds and about 4.5 inches thick. It is situated right below the right lung, and right rib cage. The most common type of liver cancer is known as hepatocellular carcinoma which is related to the cancer of hepatocytes.

Functioning of the liver – Liver has many important jobs to do inside the body such as cleaning toxins, preparing bile for the digestive system, and makes substances that help prevent blood clots. Liver stores and releases sugar that can be used for energy. Liver cancer can affect its abilities from performing these functions.

Risk Factors of Cancer

Certain factors can increase the risk of having liver cancer that includes the following:

  • If you already are a patient of hepatitis B or C, that is caused by exposure to the virus
  • Addiction to alcohol
  • Injured or scarring of the liver
  • Excess of iron in the body which ends up having hemochromatosis condition

A liver cancer surgeon in Ahmedabad can treat your liver cancer that includes removing a tumor, liver transplant, chemotherapy, etc.
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