Useful Tips to Prevent Digestive Problems during Vacation

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So, you finally planned for a good and relaxed vacation with friends and family and chronic digestive disorders start playing a spoilsport. According to the best gastro doctor in Ahmedabad, some of us have to deal with chronic disorders such as GERD and IBD. The symptoms are stomach pain, cramps, bloating and diarrhea. In this post, we will share some amazingly useful tips to keep chronic digestive disorders at bay while you are on a fun-filled vacation.

1. Carry your prescription and pack your medicines
If you have a history of digestive disorders, you must visit a gastrologist doctor in Ahmedabad before you leave for the vacation. You will be thoroughly checked by the doctor and if any medication is required, you will be advised to carry some medicines along with you. Make sure that you pay heed to the doctor’s advice and carry all the medicines advised by the doctor as well as the prescription. Carry stomach friendly snacks and avoid food that may add to your digestive problems. Also, carry products that might come handy to handle incontinence.

2. Mental preparedness is important
Be mentally prepared and make all necessary arrangements ahead of time. When you do so, you will be more calm and composed to handle any possible scenarios in a better way. Prepare your mind in advance and gear up for a wonderful holiday with your loved ones.

3. Diet planning
Diet is extremely important and helps prevents digestive complications. This is another reason why you got to visit the best gastro doctor in Ahmedabad before you head off on vacation. You will be given a well-chalked out diet chart and you must stick to it, no matter what.  Avoid foods that might increase the volume of gas and liquid in your small and large intestine as it will cause abdominal pain, bloating, constipation and diarrhea. In a nutshell, carry and consume only low FODMAP foods.

4. Drink water as much as possible
According to the best liver specialists in Ahmedabad, you must have a habit of drinking plenty of water. This works wonders especially when you suffer from digestive disorders. Dehydration leads to constipation and that’s why you must drink water frequently during your journey. Make sure that you only drink boiled or bottled water during your vacation. This will keep you safe from bacterial infections. Avoid food from street vendors as well.

5. Regulate your mealtimes and sleep
If you are traveling across time-zones, your body’s internal clock may get disturbed. You need to manage jet lag effectively. Make sure you regulate your mealtimes and sleep well so that you can have fun during vacation.

Hope you found the post useful. If you are planning for a vacation and need our assistance, feel free to write in to us.

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